Manchester United Protest

After all the outrage of The European Super League which I wrote all about here: The European Super League Is Done there was mass protests in Manchester yesterday.

Manchester United were due to play Liverpool at Old Trafford, but the match got called of because of the protests by fans.

Manchester United fans actually managed to get into the grounds and pitch at Old Trafford. I don’t know what that says about security at the ground, but it happened. There was flares thrown and beer cans too. There was protests outside of the Manchester United hotel and Liverpool’s too. There was reports of bottles and flares thrown at police, police being injured and cars being over turned. Things got bad and for the security of everyone the game was cancelled.

I’m all for peaceful protests, but with a lot of these things a small amount of idiots took things to far. You’ve got to hand it to the fans though, they had enough of the way the club was being run and they made such an impact that they got the game cancelled.

I complained on the last post about the coverage from Sky about Newcastle’s plight of our bad ownership, well it’s happened again. In the middle of Newcastle’s match against Arsenal, they were interrupting our match to show and talk about Manchester United. I know they were updating the fans, but they could have at least waited until the end of the match. They just made everything all about Manchester United again.

As of now the match between Manchester United and Liverpool is due to be rescheduled. We will have to see what happens next if there’s anymore protests from the fans or other fans across the country.

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