The European Super League Is Done

Well that was a crazy week in the world of football.

Last week I wrote all about the proposed European Super League here: Say No To The European Super League Now it’s over before it even got started. The fans, the pundits and even the government had there say on the issue. Then Chelsea and Manchester City pulled out of the league and the rest of the clubs followed. It looks like the clubs from Europe are going to pull out too, although that remains to be seen and what happens next, but for now it’s done.

This shows what can be achieved by the fans. They made their voices heard. They protested against this league and the owners of their clubs. It’s a case of people power. The owners have to listen to the fans, after all the fans are the ones that buy the season tickets, shirts, mechanise etc. The fans have supported these teams going back generations to the formation of these football clubs. This is a massive wake up call to fans. We can say were not happy with the owners, we can protest against them and try to get something done about it.

As a Newcastle United fan we’ve suffered having a poor owner for years, who has done very little for the club and now other fans know how we feel. It makes everything we have said in the past real and people have to realise this now. We as fans of Newcastle United have to realise that we can do something about this too. We can make our voices heard too. Sky haven’t said much on our plight in all of this, but as soon as Manchester United is mentioned Sky are up in arms about it. It’s the double standard of the so called big six getting all the coverage and the smaller clubs not getting as much. All of the people who cover football, not just Sky need to change this.

I really hope that after all this there’s some better checks in place on potential owners of clubs and restrictions, fines in place to stop something like this from happening in the future.

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