Say No To The Super League

Yesterday the world of football was rocked to its core with the announcement of a European Super League.

The so called big six teams of English football, teams from Spain and Italy have all been announced to be apart of it. What is proposed, is that these teams all enter the league starting in August that goes onto quarter finals, semi finals and onto a final to crown the champions of Europe. They will play in this league every season without having to qualify for it like you have to in the champions league and other teams can qualify to be apart of it later. There’s also big money involved for the teams to enter and let’s face it that’s what all this is about money. This is the owners of these teams being greedy and just seeing money. Never mind the history of these clubs, the fans, the premier league and lower leagues, this is all about greed.

There is no competition, no pyramid system, no having to earn it either in this so called league. This is why and rightfully so that everybody from fans, pundits and even Boris Johnson isn’t happy with this. We all see it’s all about greed. Gary Neville has done a great job speaking up about this in a very passionate and concise manor. I’m a Newcastle United fan, my clubs takeover was recently blocked by these six teams and the premier league, citing human rites, piracy etc. Let’s face it this was all about money too, they didn’t want another big team with money coming along. This just makes this whole situation even more shady and wrong.

Liverpool played Leeds today at Elland Road and the Leeds players did what we were all thinking, they wore T-shirt’s with Champions league earn it emblazoned on them. We’ll play to them and it’s good to see the fans protesting too. I think every fan across the country needs to protest against this, to stop it happening.

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