You Cannot Kill David Arquette

The Story

Actor David Arquette returns to the professional wrestling ring for a series of matches.

The Good

You cannot Kill David Arquette is a story of a man trying to get some respect after years of being made fun off for winning the WCW title in 2000. You get the story of how that win happened and how badly he was treated by the wrestling world after that. This documentary is his redemption story. He decided to go back into wrestling. You see him on his journey training with wrestlers, going to Mexico and having matches on the indie wrestling scene. You also get to he is a real wrestling fan he loves it. There’s some great funny moments when he’s trying to find himself and a wrestling gimmick. He has an awesome match against RJ City which starts to build his momentum and gets taken more seriously in wrestling. The death match he has is brutal, he gets hit with a fluorescent light tube and it cuts his neck open and he ends up in hospital. The documentary isn’t just funny there’s some real raw, deep emotional moments too. The match where David wrestles Luke Perry’s son Jack Jungle Boy Perry, not long after losing Luke Perry is a great match and sad for them both not having their friend and father there. I loved the moments with his wife and kids wondering why he’s going back into wrestling, worrying about him, but then getting into it and going to his shows.

The Bad

I haven’t really got anything bad to say about this documentary as I really enjoyed it. The only thing I thought was he’s sick of being called a joke but he comes out dressed in a purple wizard cape to wrestle hmmm. I just thought that was all done as a bit of a fun though and he does take wrestling seriously as you see through the rest of the documentary.

The Verdict

You Cannot Kill David Arquette is fun, entertaining documentary, but it’s also very deep and emotional story about a man earning his respect from his peers and fans. I highly recommend giving this a watch.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ out of five stars.

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