An Interview With cervinus_vinyl

In this interview I talk to Hans all about music and vinyl.


Why did you decide to start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I started this account, because i discovered all these accounts last year and i thought this could be fun.

How long have you been collecting records and how many do you have in your collection?

I’ve been collecting for 30 years, 10 years I only bought CD’s and now mostly vinyl again. I have about 500 to 1000 records.

Who’s in your top five of favourite bands?

David Bowie, Madonna, DM, New Order and Fleetwood Mac.

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time who would it be and why?

Madonna, because her almost 40 year career is incredible.

Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

My recommendation is french musician WOODKID, his music is fantastic.

A little bit DM, a little bit like a movie-score, it’s not easy to describe… you must hear it!

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