An Interview With The Legends Of Music

In this interview I talk to The Legends Of Music all about music.


When did you start your Instagram The Legends of Music and why did you base it on music legends?

I started this page around March of 2017, however, I didn’t take it seriously until April of 2018 where I challenged myself to post one different album review on a daily basis. Originally, I based it on music legends because back then I was on a mission to trace the history of music from it’s mysterious origins all the way down to its current form. So a lot of my early posts were aimed at communicating what I found fascinating back then.

Who’s your favorite music legend?

My all-time favorite music legend is a guitarist named John Squire from the Stone Roses. The reason I’m so fascinated with him is that there’s so much mystery surrounding him and his approach towards the guitar. Even though he’s arguably created some of the greatest guitar tracks in the history of music, there’s still such little literature devoted to him.

For anyone who suspects otherwise, I’d highly suggest you take a listen to “I Am The Resurrection”. That song is still underrated and underappreciated when compared to any of the other guitar-driven pop songs that were released in the 80s.

What’s your favorite story about a musician?

My favorite story about a musician comes from the documentary, “Beware of Mr. Baker”. This was a documentary that was devoted to a man by the name of Ginger Baker, who I believe to be the greatest drummer of all time. It traces back to the early 1960s when Ginger used to perform at a Jazz club called the “The Flamingo Club”.

It was at this venue where he met his mentor, who was a jazz drummer by the name of Phil Seamen. The latter eventually changed Ginger’s life when he introduced him to records that were dedicated to African drumming patterns, which inspired him to incorporate more extensive rhythms in his style of drumming. Ultimately, it transformed his style completely and that element played a big role in shaping Ginger Baker’s legacy.

Who’s in your top five favorite bands?

Since I have such a broad taste in music, my list keeps on changing regularly. However, these are the bands that I keep frequenting.

  1. Radiohead 
  2. Cream
  3. Joy Division 
  4. Pearl Jam
  5. Melvins 

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time who would it be and why?

I would love to dine with Neil Peart, who was the drummer for Rush. I believe that while a Rock ’N’ Roll drummer would absolutely assault his drum kit in the name of rhythm, a technical drummer would invent new ways to play that same rhythm. Everyone knows that when it comes to technical drumming, Neil Peart was more than just a legend, he completely reinvented what it meant to be a Rock ’N’ Roll drummer.

An evening with Neil Peart would probably include me harassing him with my extensive list of over 100 questions on what it really meant to be a technical drummer and where he got his inspiration from. Not only that I’m really curious to know how he wrote his drum parts for “Anthem”, my favorite song by Rush.

How long have you been collecting vinyl?

My Vinyl collection started in January of 2018 when I randomly walked into Reckless Records in London, UK, and walked out with “The Doors Live at The Hollywood Bowl”, “Reggatta De Blanc” by The Police & a Bob Dylan live album called “Hard Rain”.

Since then my current vinyl collection has grown by over 100 records and my most prized record is the original 1976 pressing of that Bob Dylan live album mentioned earlier and an original first pressing of Van Halen’s debut album.

You’ve been doing appreciation days for musicians lately with different people from the vinyl community on Instagram. How’s it all going with that?

Originally, the idea for an appreciation day came to me when it was Stevie Nicks’s 72nd Birthday earlier this year. I wanted to set up something special where people could skip past the usual posts and dig deeper as to how this woman has really impacted their lives. So I knew the perfect candidate for this would be @ajamissmusic and I’m so happy to say that we succeed in our mission.

Shortly after that I was going through a massive Pearl Jam phase and decide to collaborate with a really badass woman @rhinavoneisenhut on a day that was specifically designed to pay tribute to those hardcore PJ fans.

After the success of those two days, I decided to do these appreciation days on a more regular basis. My strategy is to identify those people who have really been impacted by the artist and ask them to co-host the appreciation day with me. With each day, all I’m looking for is to get connected with those music fans who have been deeply impacted by that specific artist and I really look forward to reading about how that artist has made an impact in their lives.

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