Five Crazy Oasis Stories

As it’s the 25th anniversary of (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? Which was released on 2nd October 1995. I thought I’d share 5 crazy Oasis stories.

Oasis Gets Deported From The Netherlands

This simply has to be one of the most iconic ferry trips of all time. An evening of drinking on a ferry ride to Amsterdam, for what was set to be their first ever international show, saw the Oasis boys get in a full-blown, boozed up brawl with a gang of Chelsea supporters.

The bust-up ended with Oasis getting arrested and promptly put back on their bike to England.

Oasis Confuse Crystal Meth For Coke

On the opening night of their first ever U.S. tour date resulted in an uncharacteristic trainwreck of a performance as each band member began playing different songs. The reason? A classic case of cocaine/meth confusion backstage.

This performance resulted in one of the first of many band breakdowns, with Noel calling it quits early on the American tour, telling their tour manager he was heading home to England, only to be found later in San Fransisco.

You Sing

In 1996 Oasis were due to play MTV Unplugged at the Royal Festival Hall when at the last minute Liam pulls out of the performance. Noel took over lead vocals and the performance went ahead.

Liam watched from a balcony, enjoying libations of cold beer and cigarettes whilst hurtling abuse at his brother performing below.

I Think He’s A F**king Nipple

It’s no secret that Oasis always loved and admired The Beatles as musicians and songwriters. They paid tribute to George Harrison more than once, naming their biggest hit after Harrison’s 1968 album Wonderwall Music, and Be Here Now after Harrison’s 1973 track. Harrison did not return the love. 

Around the time of Be Here Now’s release he called Oasis “rubbish” and “not very interesting,” even suggesting Oasis would be better off without Liam. Harrison also insinuated that Oasis only wrote music for teens. Noel responded in early 1998, claiming “George Harrison was always the silent Beatle. Personally, I think he should keep that image up, but I guess he’s right.” Liam, on the other hand, took it a little more personally, telling MTV “I still love the Beatles and I still love George Harrison as a songwriter in the Beatles, but as a person I think he’s a fucking nipple.”

Noel Hits Liam With A Cricket Bat

They were part way through recording What’s the Story, Morning Glory in 1995 when Liam nipped out for a pint only to return to the studio with a rabble of boozed-up strangers.

Noel was not impressed and forced Liam to send his new friends home, reportedly prompting an inebriated Liam to lose it and attack Noel and his guitars.

In defence, Noel apparently reached for the nearest thing – a cricket bat – and lamped Liam over the head with it.

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