An Interview With _metmg_music

In this interview I talk to Francois all about music, vinyl and art.


Why did you decide to start a vinyl themed Instagram?

When I started my IG account, it was a mix of different types of pictures : my family, vintage stuffs, museum exhibitions, things or places that i found beautiful and that I immortalized but also my illustrations and a bit of my record collection. At a time and I think it’s the same thing for other people here, I realized that a vinyl community existed so I decided to focus my account on music and portraits which are mainly related to music or cinema. I also have a second account only based on portraits which I don’t feed regularly : @_metmg_illustration

How long have you been collecting records and how many do you have in your collection?

(Once upon a time) I started to collect music with the old Pink Floyd and Deep Purple cassettes of my mother, but also the compilations that I was recording from the radio. For example I remember waiting an entire afternoon for Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes or Sleeping Satellite by Tasmin Archer, fingers on REC-PLAY-PAUSE. It was such a victory when you finally had the chance to record a song like that. Then, the first CD that I bought with my own money was Metallica’s Black Album when I was 11. I had to buy it, it was a question of life or death after being totally shocked and stunned by Wherever I May Roam video that I saw on MTV. I collected only CD’s for years until I bought my first second hand vinyl at the age of 20 in a flea market in front of my art school. Another black album because it was Black Celebration by Depeche Mode. The only problem was that I had to wait for months before give it a listen, I had no turntable. I first found a cheap one and started to collect more and more until today and that tsunami of purchases. I prefer not to count them to avoid to faint but I estimate my collection to 1200 or 1300 pieces.

What’s your favourite vinyl you own and what is your holy grail?

I have a thing for my Killing Joke albums but also for my Shining copies. I had the chance to buy one of my Holy Grail a few weeks ago, it was Bram’s Stoker Dracula by Wojciech Kilar. I still have a few ones, Demanufacture by Fear Factory, Lovage feat. Mike Patton, etc.

I like your photos there pretty creative and the art too. How do you come up with some of the ideas?

Thanks a lot David. Ideas often pop in my mind by surprise. Sometimes I give myself a color chart constraint where I only post for example red covers or vinyl during one week or more. Sometimes I’m influenced by the cover arts. Even if I definitely can’t smile on a picture, I always try to put some dark sense of humor and auto-derision in my posts, especially when I show myself. But the common influence is obviously the music in itself.

Who’s in your top five of favourite bands?

Hard to choose but I would say Tool, Killing Joke, Faith No More, The Sisters of Mercy & Gojira. 

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time who would it be and why?

Freddie Mercury without hesitation. Because he was for me the best singer and showman of all times and because Queen is the band that I regret the most not having seen live.

Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

Nothing better than old sh*t but I recently watched Ratched on Netflix and it was not bad. My favourite movies are Blade Runner, Kubrick and Lynch things and I can’t wait the version of Dune by Denis Villeneuve. About music I would say the last Ocean of Slumber album, a french metal band called Hypno5e and the future album of Emma Ruth Rundle with Thou which I’m sure will sounds good.

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