An Interview With kelselizabeth_

In this interview I talk to Kelsey all about music, vinyl and Instagram.

Why did you decide to start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I actually didn’t start my Instagram with the intent of being a ‘vinyl themed’ page. This account was my private account when I started back in 2012. I eventually started to really only post my pets and my vinyl I was spinning. I would say August of last year I actually began in the vinyl community. It’s been really fun to get into it more and learning more!

How long have you been collecting records and how many do you have in your collection?

I’ve been collecting on and off since 2010. I became a more serious collector in 2015. I now have about 470 in my collection.

What’s your favourite vinyl you own and what is your holy grail?

That’s a tough question! My favorite vinyl is probably… But Seriously – Phil Colllins. It’s one I can always put on. No matter what the mood.

Bob Seger’s discography as a whole has been a real holy grail for me. I have all of those old rare records that I’m very proud of. My holy grail that I don’t own is The Butcher Cover Beatles album. I’ll always have my eye out for an original one of those. 

Who’s in your top five of favourite bands?

  • Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
  • Trampled by Turtles
  • Phil Collins *even if he isn’t considered a band
  • Janis Joplin
  • The Beatles

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time who would it be and why?

Dave Grohl. No contest. He seems so chill and down to earth. To just be able to talk about his passion with him and hear stories would be an absolute dream. And he’s easy on the eyes.

Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

I’m actually not a big movie buff. I rarely start a new show because I like my oldies but goodies. Always recommend to go listen to Michael Bolton’s Soul Provider. An album full of bangers that should be anyone’s summer jam.

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