An Interview With Amy Louise

I this interview I talk to Amy Louise all about blogging, photography and burlesque.

What’s the story of your blog? What made you start one and what’s it all about?

My blog where do I start. I started it originally in 2015 it was going to be based on my photography but then after talking to my friend she convinced me to change it and do more of things I wanted to write about for example things I’ve purchased, daily outings, reviews type of posts and it went from there. I changed the name and set up my ‘brand’ so to speak. I love writing about things that interest me and things I’m doing in terms of travel posts. I also love showing people my outfits in posts (I’m not a fashion icon but them posts do well). Right out I post more lifestyle things such as baking posts and they are going down a treat. I did start off this year doing monthly roundups of places I’ve visited in that month but they stopped due to the pandemic.Hopefully they can get up and running again as I love posting them. Bringing people along on my journey and having people actually read and interact with it makes me happy!.

What have you learned from starting your blog to now?

Post what makes YOU happy. Also interacting with your audience is key that even goes in terms of social media as well. If you engage with your audience they’ll come back and support you. 

What advice would you give someone who wants to start a blog?

Like the answer above post about things that make you happy and what you want to write about. Find your niche and go with the flow. If people like your posts they will come back to see more. Keeping it real and bringing people along with you.

You do photography too, any projects coming up?

I wish I did. I have a degree it in and haven’t done much with it to be honest. I did want to/do want to get back into it soon, as I miss it. I always got lovely feedback which makes you want to keep at it.

How did you get into burlesque and how long have you been doing it?

I got into burlesque through photography believe it or not. When I was studying photography at uni I photographed a burlesque preformer called Trixie Blue (back then I had no idea what burlesque actually was) and she gave me her card. I checked it out and went to see her preform. I feel in love with the show and enrolled for a 1hour workshop really enjoyed it and signed up for more. My first lesson was in 2015 same year I started my blog. So I’ve been doing lessons for 5 years but preforming as part of House of Trixie Blue’s blue belle troupe for 4 years. That’s a crazy long time but I LOVE IT so so much. Trixie is an amazing teacher. 

Do you ever get nervous when performing?

Always! even when I performed online from the comfort of my own home I was nervous. I love the buzz after coming off stage though, there’s no better feeling!

Where is your favourite place to perform?

I’ve only ever preformed in Newcastle.

I like your burlesque Instagram. Do you have any photo shoots or shows coming up after the lockdown ends?

I do indeed so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled! Exciting times ahead!

Instagram: @xamylouise89x



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