Streaming Binges

The Madalorian

I recently got Disney + mainly to watch The Mandalorian. It’s based on the adventures of The Mandalorian and set after Star Wars Episode Six. I really liked this show the story, the action scenes, the cast and cinematography are all great. I liked this more than some of the recent Star Wars movies and can’t wait for season two.

The Boys

I recently watched The Boys on Amazon Prime. It’s about a group vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes. I was a bit superheroed our after watching all the recent Marvel movies, so I put off watching this for a while. I’m glad I did watch it though it’s dark, twisted, funny and has a different take on superheroes.

13 Reasons Why

The last season of 13 Reasons Why dropped last Friday and I just finished watching it this weekend. It closes all of the storylines as the seniors are finishing high school and leaving for college. There’s quite a lot that happens following the murder of Bryce Walker and Monty as the rest of the school are dealing with all of the losses and secrets they’re hiding. I’m a bit disappointed by this season and by season three. Season three introduced Ani as the main character and narrater who some how earned the trust of everyone in the school. It didn’t make much sense that she became a main character so quickly while the stars of the first two seasons took a back seat to her. This season got a bit silly and to over the top for me. It’s a shame too because the first two seasons were great. The story, the acting and real life issues it raised were great and things we should be all talking about as a society.

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