Black Lives Matter

After Jannae and I had our discussion about vinyl and mental health which you can read here Is Vinyl Better For Your Mentsl Health? Something else happened in the world.

We all witnessed the murder of George Floyd by a police officer. The world exploded with protests, riots and anger. I thought I would bring Jannae back to discuss some of the issues and hopefully help some people with words of advice and information.


With everything that’s going on in the world right now after George Floyds murder, I thought I would bring you back to talk about this.

I really appreciate that, and think it is great that you are using your page to discuss such an important issue. I do not consider myself to be an expert on this topic at all, but i am passionate about raising awareness and fighting for social justice.

I know this isn’t your field of psychology, but what can people do to support black lives matter?

First of all, I think it is great that so many people, especially very young people, are coming together recently to speak out against and resist systemic racism and injustice. There are so many things people of all ages can do to support the BLM movement, as well as other movements that support human rights. Some of these include: donating to various organizations, signing petitions, supporting BIPOC owned businesses/artists/etc, stop supporting businesses that promote racist ideologies, and reposting/sharing information and resources through social media. There are other things that are more involved, such as protesting and voting. However, I think one of the most important things we can do is to educate ourselves on our country’s history and the history of black individuals to truly understand the deep rootedness of systemic racism. Once we can educate ourselves, we can then educate others and correct others when they perpetuate racist ideologies. What are the best organisations to donate to or for people struggling with these issues? Right now it can be overwhelming knowing what organization to donate money to. The good thing is that there are so many different types of organizations out there, if you are in the position to make a monetary contribution. Bail Funds are raising money to release protestors that have been arrested, but these funds also go to releasing other people (primarily BIPOC) who are disproportionately incarcerated. The is a national organization in the US, but if you search your local bail fund there are many others. In the US there are also hundreds of national organizations centered around racial justice and the BLM movement. The Movement for Black Lives ( is works together with 150 of these organizations. To make it simple, a donation to M4BL will allocate the funds to the organization that needs it the most.

What can people do to better understand all of the issues?

I don’t think anyone can really understand all of the issues, and that is ok. However, I do think that we can all make an effort to try to understand as much as we can, and to continue learning as well. The fist thing people can do is to recognize the racism is still very much alive. I think that just because some people have not directly experienced racism or oppression, they believe that it no longer exists. However, this is simply not true as we have seen in the most recent death of George Floyd. Once people can begin to recognize and accept the fact that racism still affects many people, then people can hopefully begin to build empathy and understanding. The topic of racism/oppression can be very difficult and uncomfortable, but it’s important to try to continue listening when BIPOC individuals share their experiences of racism. I also mentioned earlier that educating ourselves on the history of black and indigenous people is also crucial in understanding how and why these issues continue to persist today.

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