The Story

Chronicling the final days of notorious gangster Al Capone as he succumbs to dementia and relives his past through tormenting memories.

The Good

Tom Hardy is great in this movie as an ageing Al Capone is his final days. He spends most of the movie in a robe and sitting around, but he has some good moments in acting some of Capone’s nightmares and delusions. The supporting cast is great, the cinematography and music score by El-P from Run The Jewels is good.

The Bad

The story was pretty interesting but it was a long movie and not a lot happened. I would have much preferred to see a movie about the rise and fall of Al Capone rather than just his final days. Tom Hardy would have had a lot more to sink his teeth into too and show of his acting chops if it was about Al Capone when he was younger.

The Verdict

Tom Hardy was great, the supporting cast, cinematography and music, but other than that it’s a pretty long movie where not a lot happens.

⭐️ ⭐️ out of five stars.

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