An Interview With Storm Design

In this interview I talk to Amy all about YouTube.

When did you start your YouTube channel and what content do you like to post?

I first started my YouTube channel in 2011, I posted my first video July 2011; but I have since private a lot of my older videos as they’re way to embarrassing for the internet. I started only posting Make-up tutorials and it began to progress to more SFX style make-up after I was asked to do some Halloween make-up for my family members and friends. I really enjoyed doing SFX make-up as it meant I could be creative. 

I like your Halloween make up ideas. Where do you come up with the ideas and will you be doing more this year?

In 2016 I decided to do the 31 days of Halloween, which meant doing a Halloween themed make-up tutorial every single day for 31 days. It was really fun to do but took a lot of work as the make-up can take anywhere from 1 hour to 6 hours to film and on top of that I have to edit and upload to YouTube.  Since then I have struggled to get new ideas for make-up as I feel like I’ve done it all (even though I know I haven’t). 

Some of my ideas come from traditional Halloween make-up which I change to make it my own, films and also inspiration from other artists. I will be attempting to create some more this year, but I don’t know if I’m still going to struggle to think of something new to create. 

I’ve seen some of your fashion haul videos, do you enjoy these and have you gotten any brand deals yet?

I have been creating a lot more fashion related videos lately and currently enjoy them a lot more than doing make-up content. They’re a lot easier to film and I get to just chat to my audience; it feels a lot more laid back. I have been approached by a few small fashion brands, but I haven’t accepted any brand deals as it would feel wrong to work with a brand I don’t already love, and the style of clothing doesn’t fit with my personal style.

What’s coming up on your channel soon?

I am currently in the process of filming a skincare video, as I’ve always had issues with my skin and really want to help people who have similar issues. I have a couple of make-up ideas planned but I’m still figuring out how I want to do them. And I will definitely be creating more fashion videos in the near future!  

Instagram: @stormdesign

YouTube: StormDesign

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