An Interview With Marina Matiss

In this interview I talk to the multi lingual singer and songwriter Marina Matiss all about music and her singing career.

What style of music do you prefer to performing?

I love singing jazz and rock’n’roll, also pop and pop rock.

Do you write your own songs?

Yes, all the songs I’m recording were written by me. I write both lyrics and music. 

What instruments do you play?

I play the piano and sone basic guitar.

You’re multi lingual, what languages do you speak and which language do you prefer singing in?

I speak Russian, English, Spanish, German, Polish, Italian, French but I write my songs and perform in English and Spanish.

You used to model, did you enjoy it?

I never planned to be a model, but it was fun. 

Where can people find your music?

Music distributors make sure it is uploaded to all the platforms, so my music is on every platform as well.

Where do you see yourself next year?

I want to keep on progressing in this field and I hope I’ll release an album.

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