Marina Matiss

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful and talented Marina Mattis. She’s a singer, songwriter based in Barcelona.

She agreed to do an interview with me which I’ll post next week, but here’s an introduction to her.

Marina: I’m a Barcelona based singer and songwriter. Have been singing since I remember myself.

I studied linguistics however, as my mother, even though she is a musician, she has a very sober view on life so I was supposed to get a “real” profession at first place.

As time went past, I was having my “normal” life working for an office. Until I watched Bohemian Rhapsody in the cinema.

I loved the movie, I was astonished by it and the first thought that came in to my head when I came out of the cinema was “what the hell am I doing with my life? I want to make music!”.

I didn’t care at that moment if I become popular, how many people would like my music, I just felt that it was the right thing to do. Like something deep inside of me fell asleep and suddenly woke up.

I started looking for a piano as here in Barcelona I had no instrument. Found one I liked that cost some significant sum of money – 1K euro to be precise.

I didn’t have that much money to spend right away so I started thinking, where I could get it from.

Maybe next day or in a couple of days I was told by my HR at the company that I was getting a new one, though my current contract back then was valid till July (it was February then). So in order to give me that new contract, they had to fire me. And in order to fire me they had to pay me a compensation of exactly 1K euro.

I still have no idea about the reasoning behind it, but here’s how I got my instrument.

I started composing, playing the piano first then working on the melody and production on Garageband and looking for a producer to help me arrange and finish my music.

It took some time before I could release my very first single, it was January 24, 2020

This is a song about Mars colonization: a girl on a day of her mission is saying goodbye to her loved one, knowing that she will never be able to come back, but this mission is more important than anything else, than her life.

The song was inspired by Elon Musk’s presentation about the upcoming Mars colonization and the interviews of some women getting ready for a possible mission.

In the video I combined 2 ideas: the most important historical moment of space exploration by humans and the role of women in it, as the song is about a girl taking off.

As I was invited for some interviews to local radios here in Barcelona, I was singing live on some of them. 

One day I was contacted by David Palau, I received a very nice feedback on my vocals from him. I was surprised when he asked me if I have any music to produce and record and when I sent him my demos he offered me to work together on it.

I was really surprised because he is a great musician who worked with top artists like Bon Jovy and Alejandro Sanz, so till the last minute I could not believe it was happening.

We worked together on my next song- The Choice.

It is an inspiration for the people who believe to have lost their way in life.

I think it is never too late to change place that does not make you happy, work that does not make you happy. People that make you feel miserable. It should always be your choice in life, if you really want it the question is only “how”?

Here’s the final point where I want to be and here is where I am, so how do I build this path? What steps are necessary?

This is the philosophy I apply myself to my life.

And whatever it brings – I’m ready for this.

I’m preparing new releases, have some songs already recorded, waiting for their release date.

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