An Interview With shinglers_list

In this interview I talk to Dave about, music, vinyl and being a radio DJ.

Dave: A little about me. I’m Dave Shingler, a former podcaster, radio DJ and internet broadcaster. I live in Stoke-on-Trent in the middle of the UK. I’m a husband, Dad and a hoarder of physical media! I’m currently working towards a BA (hons) Music qualification and create IGTV videos to keep myself sane!

How long have you been collecting records and how many records do you have in your collection?

I’ve been collecting records since 1991. The first record I bought with my own money was Brian May’s Driven By You. I was seven years old. My Dad got me into Queen as he used to have the Queen Live Magic cassette in his car and I remember Driven by you being on Ford adverts. My Dad took me to Woolworth’s to get the single when it was released and I never looked back. As for how many I have in my collection I really aren’t sure. Even though I’ve always preferred records over any other music media, like most people I moved with the times and also my budget. A paper boy could buy more cassettes than records or CD’s back in the day! My music collection is split over records, cassettes, CD’s, Minidiscs and digital downloads. I limit my record purchases to things I’m actually going to listen too and not own for the sake of owning. However, if I was to guesstimate, I would say I have around 1200-1300 records. 

What’s your favourite vinyl in your collection and what’s your holy grail?

I don’t think I have a favourite. My music collection is like my children, I love them all equally! Plus my taste in music is so wide that what is my favourite this week may not be my favourite next week. I’m listening to a lot of future funk at the moment but am yet to own any on record. That’s something I must fix. The one record I would love to get my hands on is an original Iron Maiden Soundhouse Tapes 7″. Pretty certain I would have to re-mortgage my house to get one though!!

Why did you start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I actually didn’t, it happened by accident. The page started out as a page for my old band and then turned into a personal blog type thing. I used to just post random things that I thought the world would like to see about me. It’s only over the last few months that it seems to have morphed into a vinyl community page. It’s really cool to know that there are people out there that are genuinely interested in your collection and that share the same passion as you for music. One of the first guys with a vinyl page IG account that I interacted with was Chris King (@chris_king1983) and I subconsciously started posting more vinyl pics. I was getting more follows and likes which was cool (but not the reason I share on IG) and then I got emerged into the 20 to 2020 vinyl challenge at the end of last year. From that I seem to have found ‘my people’ as it is and really enjoy sharing my collection with them.

What was it like being a DJ on the radio?

It was a great experience. The best thing though was doing it with my friends. The station left us to it and we were allowed to talk about what ever we wanted and play whatever songs we wanted. It was so laid back. Sometimes we would drink too much coffee and the show would be real hyperactive and other times we’d be talking about the real serious headlines, like the Manchester bombing for instance. I guess the best thing was just spending time with two guys that I had a great connection with. We never had to plan a show. It was never scripted. We just hit record and went for it! The fact that people seemed to like it was just s cheeky bonus to me.

Any plans on going back on the radio or a podcast?

At this very moment in time I would have to say no. I’m currently studying for a music degree as well as working full time so I simply don’t have the time. I found the best way to have a successful podcast was commitment and consistency. I used to put out two shows every week no matter what. I even put a show out the week my Dad passed away which may seem weird to some people but the normality kind of helped me get through that week. My concentration is elsewhere at the moment and I couldn’t commit to putting out the quality that I know I’m capable of and would like to. A for the future though, never say never!

I’m liking your IGTV videos, how long have you been doing them now?

It’s great that you’re liking them and I really appreciate that. The first one went out on 3rd December 2019. I saw it as a way of getting some of that creative tension out of me and giving me a little break from the norm. I find Facebook and You Tube can be quite toxic but I’ve always had nothing but love from the IG community so in my eyes, IGTV was the way to go. Unlike a podcast or radio show they are really quick to do and it feeds my creative urge. I find it fascinating that people enjoy me chatting about things that I have a passion for and I’ve got plenty to talk about so I will be making them for many moons to come!

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time, who would it be and why?

Ooooh, that’s a tricky one. Robert Johnson to ask if he actually sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads. Dave Grohl because he seems like someone who would be super chill and down to earth at dinner. Nuno Bettencourt just to ask how in Gods great Earth do his fingers move so fast. All the guys in Iron Maiden because, well, Iron Maiden! Joe Pass because his guitar playing fascinates me. Some unknown session musician so he could tell me all the stories of life on the road with famous musicians.

I love the story of Robert Johnson and wrote a story about him on my blog. Any recommendations on movies, tv shows and music?

I’m binge watching everything at the moment! I really liked Altered Carbon on Netflix and Hunters on Prime. I love Jean Claude Van Damme movies, my favourite being Maximum Risk. With regards to music, I’m really into the synthwave/retrowave scene at the moment. People should check out FM-84, The Midnight, Timecop1983, Night Arcades, Ollie Wride, W O L F C L U B, Taurus 1984 and Kalax.

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