An Interview With elinolssonq

In this interview I talk to elinolssonq all about vinyl, music and Instagram.

Why did you decide to start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I used to have a vinyl only account and private separate account but a few months ago I decided to stick to only using one account. My personal life is so involved around vinyl so I didn’t see the need to keep using two accounts, and well because vinyl is such a big part of my life my account is basically a vinyl account.

You have a good following, how are you finding it all?

It has both advantages and disadvantages, I really appreciate so many people follow me and enjoy what I post, but It makes it easy to see IG as a competition. Big accounts tends to get lost because of instagrams algoritms and your reach goes down. Its easy to compare yourself to others and wondering why that specific posts got so few likes or why are my impressions so low this day specific day. It has also put more pressure on me, people expecting things out of me, getting angry I don’t reply immediately and things like that, but of course the advantages outweighs the disadvantages. I get to connect to so many people, people integrate with my content, sending me music recommendations and generally supporting me in different ways. It has also gotten me the opportunity to get noticed by bigger accounts, which means a lot!

How long have you been been collecting records and how many do you have in your collection?

I’ve been collection seriously for 1.5 years, I started in August 2018 when I bought my setup! I currently have 360 records! But that number changes rather quickly…. 

What’s your favourite vinyl and what is your holy grail?

Tough question! My favorite vinyl appearance wise is Harry Styles Fine Line. The black and white splatter looks gorgeous on the clear vinyl. Music wise I’ll have to go with Taylor Swift Lover, this was my AOTY 2019. This 18 track album has everything, a song for every emotion you feel when you’re in love. the happy ones, the heartbreaking ones, the ”its my fault” ones, and ”you’ll never find another like me” ones. I highly recommend this album so everyone and i’m not a big Taylor fan or have I listened to her early music, this album just came as a surprise last year (for me) and its one of the few albums I enjoy every song on the album. 

My holy grail is ”Paramount People” by the Swedish artist Niels Nielsen. I missed the preorder of this one back in 2018 and it was pre order only and a limited run of 185. I was so bummed I missed the opportunity to have this amazing record on vinyl. Niels Nielsen is very underrated Swedish artist who I luckily has gotten to met a few times during the last couple of years. Once when I met him last year he gave me a copy of this vinyl and I’ll never forget his extreme kindness. This album I hold very dearly and its my holy grail!

Who’s in your top five of favourite bands?

This will be an odd mix: 

1) My Chemical Romance 

2) The Smiths

3) A-ha 

4) Magna Carta Cartel

5) Ghost

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time who would it be and why?

This will sound odd and very controversial but – Morrissey. I’d love to talk and discuss how he writes his lyrics, how and where he comes up with such sad but still relatable lyrics, the way he uses metaphors and the general writing process he has. Morrisseys songwriting still is top notch after 40 years and his solo material is as amazing as the Smith’s.

Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

I’m a sucker for British crime shows. Right now The seventh season of ”Endeavour” is airing in the UK, but we in Sweden has to wait few months. This is my all time favorite tv series, set in Oxford during late 60s, but this season will be early 70s, its the main reason I’m dreaming of going to Oxford! Besides Endeavour I highly recommend Luther, River and Unforgotten. All brilliant British crime shows!

Music wise I’d very much want to recommend the danish punk rock band Iceage. Saw them as opening act to Liam Gallagher and got completely hooked. Their latest album ”Beyondless” has been on constant repeat. Iggy Pop once referred them to “the only current punk band I can think of that sounds really dangerous” I don’t know what to think of that statement but they surely are unique!


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