An Interview With Chris King

In this interview I talk to Chris all about vinyl, music and singing.

Why did you decide to start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I joined Instagram after going to see Black Stone Cherry in Dublin back in 2015 without knowing what instagram was really about. I was lucky enough to meet them and wanted to post about it to them as a thank you. Once i realised it was my about people and their hobbies and interests rather than the standard social media “lets all moan about everything” snowflake society.

You have a good following, how are you finding it all?

The number of followers is ok but not what i am chasing. What I have found is there is a vinyl community of a couple of hundred of us that all get along, talk, debate, have a laugh and have come to understand each other and these friends are from all over the world. I think that is the amazing thing about this vinyl community on Instagram is that it connects us all as if we aren’t worlds apart. I have helped a couple of friends out on Instagram too who aren’t able to find specific records so i have found them and sent them to them around the world. I lost a bet with a Belgian over the world cup and had to send him a record too. Those kinds of things are what make this platform quite magical compared to other forms of social media

How long have you been collecting records and how many do you have in your collection?

I had a couple of vinyl knocking about the house from my late teens but nothing major until i was given a box of records in mid 2014. I went through the box and kept the records i wanted and it kind of started from there and snowballed rapidly. Currently in my collection I stand at approximately just over 1000 albums

What’s your favourite vinyl you own and what is your holy grail?

The favourite album I own? It’s like being asked to choose your favourite child haha. I have a few copies of Fleetwood Mac’ Rumours which I believe is one of, if not the greatest album ever made. I have 3 copies of Simple Minds’ Once Upon A Time which i hold in a similar regard but because it a big connection between me and my Dad. They would have to be my favourites… My holy grail is easy, Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness. I missed this record by 1 day this year because my phone never received a text message from my record guy. I would pay the asking price and them some for that record.

Ive seen in some of your posts you like to sing and you play guitar. How long have you been singing and playing guitar?

Singing i started in my late teens and had my first gig in Nov 2002… I did not sound good haha. Since then i have focused on practising as often as i can to improve technique and range. I cant quite remember when I learned o play guitar as I tried for years to learn and nothing would sink in until one day possibly in my mid twenties the chords just started to sink into my memory and i went from there. Learning to sing and play was difficult but not because of timing with strumming and signing. It was more the playing guitar was making me lose singing technique so i had to learn to do both at the same time. I started with songs in low keys that weren’t too strenuous to sing and built on that.

Who’s in your top five of favourite bands?

Simple Minds


Rod Stewart

Black Stone Cherry

Fleetwood Mac

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time who would it be and why?

People always try to put something poignant here like Elvis, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury etc.. But I would have to go with Mutt Lange… One of the greatest producers in music in my opinion. I love to sing and play but i would love to talk music with him and figure out his secret/how he does what he does when creating albums and taking them to another level.

Any recommendations on movies, movies, tv shows or music?

Movies… Office Space

Tv Shows… The Ranch

Music… Sam Fender. We all know the classic so i am throwing in a new artist who caught my ear. I am not a fan of new music and this guy really stands out for me. A classic sound with a modern twist and something of a Springsteen influence.


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