Netflix Binges

I don’t normally post on a Tuesday, but I wanted to post this after I saw the last episode of Power last night… so here’s some more of my current Netflix Binges.

The Stranger

I recently watched this show, I wasn’t expecting much from it, but it was amazing. The story is great, the cast were great and it’s full of twists and turns. The main story of the husband and wife is crazy, the kids story is even crazier, plus all the other stories going on which all come together in the end to make sense. There’s some real wtf moments, tense drama and some really funny moments.

There’s eight episodes and after starting it I watched six episodes in one night, I just couldn’t turn it off. I was there until two in the morning watching this and finished the other two episodes the day after. I’m glad I watched this and I recommend giving it a watch.


I’ve just finished watching the last episode of Power and I’ve got to say it was a powerful and good episode. All the cast are great and the story coming to an end was done in a good way. There was lots of plotting against Ghost from Tasha and Tariq. In the end though it’s Tariq who kills his father and you get the aftermath from his actions. Tasha tries to set up Q for the murder, but it all back fires and Tasha gets arrested for the murder. Then it jumps ahead in time to Tariq at college and Tasha in prison.

The way it ends leaves it open for the spin offs which were announced after the finale. Their doing a continuation of Tasha and Tariq’s story called Ghost, there’s a spin coming called Raising Kanan about a young Kanan, there’s one coming called Influence about Tate and one called Force about Tommy going to California to start again. The show I’m most looking forward to is Force, Tommy is many people’s favourite character and I’m looking forward to seeing what he gets up to in the west coast. I’m looking forward to Influence too, I really enjoyed Tate’s episode in the last season of Power and as his story was going on I thought that a show about Tate could be good. If it’s done in a House Of Cards kind of way about his climb up in the world of politics, him trying to stay out of trouble and all the political backstabbing that goes on could be good. As for the others we shall have to wait and see.

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