An Interview With Celerah

In this interview I talk to Celerah all about music, vinyl and feet?!

How long have you been been collecting records and how many do you have in your collection?

Growing up my parents had a lot of records. Some of my fondest memories were looking at album art. I collected a few records in high school, still have a few Zeppelin albums from that time, but moved a lot and didn’t really get back into collecting until a couple years ago. At first I just thought it would be fun to pass on a love for a physical medium of music to my daughter. Then it took on a life of it’s own!

Why did you start a vinyl themed Instagram?

When I started this account a year ago, I had no idea there was such a thing as a vinyl community. Other than following a couple of local record stores, I had no idea a vinyl account was a thing.

At the time, I was going through a heartbreak and had lost the one person I really shared music and who inspired me to write again. I was also about to turn 40 and had decided this would be the year I would indulge my love of travel and music by going on more trips, seeing more concerts, and sharing my favorite music. I thought a few people might be interested in the things I love too, so I started a blog and a new Instagram account. After a couple months of posting pictures of records, random stuff, and sharing my poetry, I started getting follows and comments from a few vinyl accounts and it was like finding something you didn’t know you had been looking for. People have given me really good feedback on my poetry, my blog, and the music is just so much fun to share with people all over the world. 

Your new wave Wednesday is going well, which I have taken part in myself. When did you come up with this idea?

When I started collecting vinyl again, I started with new wave because it was a genre I love and the hobby of crate digging, rather than buying new albums, appeals to me. There is always lots of good new wave in crates. Last September I was in the middle of a vinyl challenge and I pulled out some of those first records I bought and realized I wasn’t seeing as much new wave in my feed as I had hoped. One of the most exciting things about the IG vinyl community is finding or discovering old music you may have never heard or forgotten about. I put out a question in my story and got a ton of positive feedback. Almost 40 people joined that first week and 4 months later there are now well over 1,000 #newwavewednesday posts. It has also brought lots of new music into my life and quite a few friends.

In a previous interview I did with Rick Taylor I asked him about your Breaking Bad trip. How was it for you?

That was a lot of fun. When he initially reached out, he mentioned something about a bunny suit and a baseball bat and it sounded crazy, so I was immediately in. He was very nice and so was his daughter. I also saw him for a couple seconds without the sunglasses, so that was exciting. I hope to hang out again. It is nice to have local friends into vinyl. 

I have been lucky to have done a few other in person collaborations with vinyl accounts this year, which has been great.

A huge perk of traveling and being a part of an online community has been getting to meet people in person. Last fall, I was able to hang out with a vinyl community friend who does a pop culture podcast in Dallas and often takes part in new wave Wednesdays. Then I took a trip to Chicago just to meet vinyl community members from all over the country, dig through stores and a warehouse of records, and some of us even stayed in an apartment together. It seemed crazy at first to go and stay with people you just recently met online, but everyone has been so nice and authentic. Some people were even more amazing in person than I could have ever imagined. Now when I go places, like when I was in Portland over the holidays, I am able to get together with and enjoy a community of friends I already feel close to. It’s been amazing and very special. I look forward to lots of vinyl community get togethers this year and have a few places in mind I really want to visit.

What’s your favourite vinyl you own and what is your holy grail?

My favorite vinyl? Yikes, that’s hard. I have a few Bowie and Smiths OPs that are special to me and I am partial to my Joy Division bootlegs, but I think my favorite is my original pressing of The The: Soul Mining. While it is not super valuable, it was one of my more exciting finds in the wild. I think I freaked out the people around me when I squealed. I also loved posting it with my daughter. It’s always fun to get her involved in my love of music. 

As for my holy grails/white whales, they are all 90s albums that have not been rereleased. The first being Dusk by The The. Such an underrated album, but has some of my favorite songs ever. Wish, which is my favorite Cure album for lots of sentimental reasons. Finally, American Psycho by The Misfits. That album just gets me amped like nothing else. 

I am really hoping for some anniversary releases of them in the next few years. I would be happy to have them any way I could. 

Who’s in your top five of favourite bands?

Well, Depeche Mode and Joy Division are definitely up there. Pink Floyd and The Beatles have been with me the longest. After that it is probably a toss up between Portishead, Beastie Boys, and Scorpions. All for different reasons. 

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time who would it be and why?

The first that comes to mind is David Bowie. I just think he lived such an amazing life, created so much, influenced so many people and bands I love. Plus, he was my first celebrity crush before I knew what a crush was. All I knew is that I would choose to stay in the Goblin City… 

Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

I am a huge movie buff. My first job was at a video store, but I don’t watch as much new stuff as I used to. My favorite movie this year was probably The Joker.

Most of the movies I watch at home are music related or from my childhood. I just saw a great documentary on The Stooges, as well as the Netflix docs on Nina Simone and Sam Cooke. Really amazing stories. Other than that I like 80s movies. Teen Witch is one of my all time not-so-guilty pleasures.

As far as tv, Twin Peaks and Stranger Things are favorites, but the shows I have have been watching lately are Mrs. Maisel, You, the Magicians, and The Man in the High Castle, but am saving the final season of that for a massive binge. I am also a big sci-fi/fantasy junky, Canada has put out some killer shows lately, Orphan Black especially. 

What’s with all the photos of your feet?

My feet were accidentally in pictures for months that I never posted, until one day last summer I sat down with a glass of wine to look at liner notes and thought “oh, I should take a picture of this.” Not long after that @vinylandfeet reached out saying he was starting and account and could he share some of my pictures. Voila!: foot model! Since then it has been all good fun and honestly, my feet are always photogenic first thing in the morning, while the rest of me is not. It has also allowed me to find lots of other women vinyl collectors. Many of those other feet are my friends now. An unexpected bonus to this vinyl account has been an amazing community of women who support each other and share our passion for music is what often seems like a male dominated hobby. Many of us have a lot more in common than people would guess and it is refreshing to find in social media and the real world.


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