An Interview With fauxnottslp Part Deux

Sean is back for part deux of his interview… so here we go.

Who’s in your top five of bands?

This is a good question as it changes every week, as im sure a lot of your readers are in the same boat. 


So number one for me is a band called The Editors, grim , dark and poetic I mean what more do you want from a band right? dull dark lyrics seem to speak to me a lot more than just throw away meaningless ramble. If I had to choose one album for someone to start with these guys it would be their debut album ”The Back Room” full on indie screamers! I recently brought there black gold album , its a greatest hits album and I got the 7′ boxset to accompany the album and I daren’t open it! haha does anyone else do that haha… just me… ok.

Number 2 would have to be another dark, damp poetic band… it’s of course The Smiths.

It took me ages to get into these guys and I don’t have to tell anyone about them really, their legacy speaks for itself. I know Morrisey is not everyones favourite guy at the moment, but I’m here for the music… that’s it, not interested in his views or any other really. I spent the whole summer listening to the smiths this year and it put them at the top of my Spotify wrapped list!! I was really obsessed by them… I mean totally gone! I loved every word he sang, every note they played I had to have it!

Number 3. Mr Bob Dylan

This comes from working on nights like I mentioned earlier in the interview. I jumped on his sound and absolutely loved it!! I must say I like the early Dylan, you know the 60’s and 70’s Dylan. I believe his sound and lyrics define those eras for me pretty well! again its meaningfull lyrics that capture me! and of course Bobbys got it all!

Number 4. Wham.

I’m not even kidding! I mean if I wanted to be cool in the 80’s I’d adopt Georges style and run with it! I know their known to be a bit of a gay kinda band (sorry I didn’t know how to word that, but ya know what I mean) I recently listened to the final by wham and was blown away! its just so happy, danceable music!

You’re sad are ya??.. wham!

Money troubles?…wham!

Cats died?… wham! 

its just music to instantly cheer you up and for that im paying homage and they get the number 4 slot!!

Number 5 Gerry & the Pacemakers. A sound of the sixties. I’ll rephrase that … a UK sound of the 60s! part of the mersey beat that gets me every time and I think if The Beatles didn’t exist… these guys would have filled them big shoes pretty well. I think I’ve chosen these because of my love for the era and just the whole romantic sound they have! I mean ferry across the mersey and don’t let the sun catch you crying have seen me through some testing times .. so gerry if your reading this … thank you! haha! I hope he is!

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time who would it be and why?

Ok so this is question ive had to think about a fair bit to be honest, I mean a lot would say Lennon, Johnny cash or George Harrison but for me if I had to pull up a chair and have a hour with it would have to be the genius that is the late Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. So many questions!! He really did the rock and roll thing, I’d defo ask him… what happened when he died? For those who don’t know he was found in his swimming pool drowned and its been showed in mystery on how and why or even… who? but I mean this guy could get a tunes out of anything, my personal opinion is he was the genius behind the bands early days! my opinion of course! but yeah brain jones! a true master of music!

Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

Ok so I recently watched the Witcher on Netflix. It was alright… I felt it could be a little bit more dark like the game is but I read that they have taken this comment on board and the second season is getting darker. so that’s good news! have a look if you’ve not watched it though!

Now I haven’t been to the cinema in a while because there’s nothing out id like , so bare with me on the movies part although having said this I recently watched The Avengers: End Game over Christmas. Now I’m not the guy that wears the Captain America t-shirts or reads the comics but the Marvel movies are so well made and so visually pleasing! I couldn’t tell ya who any of em are but great movie!!

Now then music recommendations… Uriah heap! a British band from the 70’s that truly make you think how come these weren’t massive!! killer riffs and a front man that would give the likes of Teddy Lee a run for his money! if you haven’t heard em try listening the Gypsey by them! killer track, a real rattlesnake!

After our conversation the other week about Jimmy Nail, who do you think would win in a fight between Jimmy Nail and Liam Gallagher?

Now me and David had a conversation about how rock hard Jimmy Nail is once! haha! Mr Jimmy Nail would wipe the floor with anyone and if I got caught in a bar fight im convinced all I need on my side would be Jimmy Nail and Sean bean and I’ll be right! haha

What about you lot? 2 people to have on your team in a bar fight? haha one for the readers! 

Of course Jimmy Nails music is brilliant too so he falls under my recommendations! haha you lucky folks!!

Remember you can listen to Sean’s podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify… new episodes coming soon.

Sean’s Instagram. @fauxnottslp

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