An Interview With fauxnottslp

In this interview I talk to Sean all about music, vinyl and Instagram.

Sean: I grew up on a council estate in a small Derbyshire town of Ilkeston in the UK and ever since I can remember music has been a massive part of my life, like a lot of us my parents grew up through the golden era of the 60s and 70s so in the background of me playing with my teenage mutant ninja turtles figures was a eray of top hits from these decades.

The beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers and the Dave Clarke Five all of which I though was boring grandad music… at the time of course.

I have a younger brother and by the time we were ready for our own musical journeys we were into things like Dr Dre, Slipknot and Limp Bizkit. We had a portable CD player in our shared room with we constantly used and may I say… constantly fell out about haha! But we embraced every song that got shoved out of those dry speakers.

A little later on in life I grew up and fell in love with Hip-Hop. And why not? All my friends where banging things like Lloyd banks, 50 Cent and Eminem. These guys provided the sound of my teen years! I still find myself drifting back to their tunes now and again. Its a memory lane trip! Haha!

Ok.. this is the bit where my whole musical taste got flipped on its head and twisted a full 180!

My first job I was on nights on my own , all I had to keep me company through until 5am every morning was a old battered iPod dock that I sat my iPod shuffle into and could have as loud as I wanted… I started to embrace music a lot more as full works of art and instead of flicking through albums to repeat my fave song I just pressed play and let the album play. It started with The Beatles and quickly moved onto people like Bob Dylan, Neil Young and that was it. I was stuck in a time slip and fully embraced and loved the art and effort that went into these album’s.

So 4 years of being on nights I got through some of the greatest albums of all time and even made some pretty good discoveries of my own and I would go home and talk to my dad about a album I was loving at the time … more than likely a Bob Dylan album to be honest! I love Dylan.

Annnnd this is where it started he said I’ve got a few Dylan albums you could have, but there on vinyl though and I remember holding highway 61 in my hands and thinking I love this! The original way it was supposed to be listened to! On a 12” bit of plastic… I was sold.

That year I asked for a record player for Christmas and Santa delivered! My dad continued to give me record after record and I had about 10 LP’s in my collection and I thought… they look mint on the shelf! Better than cds or tapes (although I started on tapes now haha) I brought a kalax unit and I was away… it looked great… but I only had 10 LPs and it looked empty… what was I supposed to do man? I had to fill em and now I’m here as I write this listening to a numbered first pressed white album with 3 full kallax unit full of the like of the greatest bands of all time! … do they do rehab for vinyl junkies? Haha!

How long have you been collecting records and how many do you have in your collection?

Ok so recently my father passed away and he always said he would leave me his records and well that’s what happened so I’m at about 900 plus the last count, with coming to think of it is ALOT! I really am lucky to be able to dedicate a whole room to my records so I have a bit of room to get carried away. For this I’m thankful for. I have a very addictive personality so I get carried away with these sort of projects and well…. It shows haha! Its a good question because I brought about 20 records from a antique centre just recently and I mean these things where cheap… I mean I got Kate bush’s whole story album for a quid… so like always I can’t just take that album and run …no I have to buy a bag full. I took them to my dad something I always did, I took him my new additions for a listen and he asked me this…

“When does buying records stop?’

I replied “never” 

He said… “good lad”

Hahaha! Nowt like a bit of encouragement from ya old man is there!? Ha!

Ive been collecting for around 3 years now and I don’t intend stopping anytime soon so lord help my wallet! Haha I JUST CANT HELP MYSELF!!!!!!!  ( I know any collector feels me on this one!)

Sounds like a cool dad, pretty cool you got his collection and yeah the vinyl collecting doesn’t stop. Why did you decide to start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I love this question… I mean I’ve never really been big on social platforms because well basically I’m a bit of a boring human being I go to work and I come home and I get ready to go again! But you know I had something to show off now I had rare pressings of various bands all well looked after in my shelfs and well I didn’t want to bore people 

I knew with saying “look at this first pressing of please please me’’ as good as my mates are they would say ‘’yeah cool’’ but that wasn’t enough for me I needed like minded people to be as excited as me about a bit of plastic so I started using facebook, joining different groups and posting up different albums until I was a little bit misinformed about one of my albums. I got comments that were a little bit “catty’’ and decided it wasn’t for me so I thought I know I’ll have a look at instagrams hash tags and my mind was blown with hundreds of thousands of photos of LPs and the comments where so kind and thoughtful… people were getting enthusiastic together I thought this is it!!!

The day after I joined up and posted a really bad taken picture of my king crimson albums… haha it was the least arty thing ever it was like the albums had photo bombed a photo of my carpet haha! It got 40 likes and I was buzzing!! And from there I started getting arty with my shots and doing stories as my follower count went up! I was loving it and I can safely say everyone I’ve met through instagrams vinyl community has been lovely! I even received a xmas gift for 2 of them this year… that’s people I’ve never met before in my life , just a love of good music and vinyl that connect people in a way no outsider will ever understand!

I just want to add that I always follow back and I’m always interested in what people post and I love you all for being as enthusiastic as me!

What’s the favourite vinyl you own and what’s your holy grail?

A few months ago I acquired one of my holy grails and well I got stupid excited about it and posted stories of me singing to it, explaining and showing off said record. If any of my followers are reading this they know what I’m talking about. It is of course the South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut soundtrack.

It was a record store day 2019 release and with only 2000 made worldwide well you can imagine how hard this was to get a hold of on the day so I did what I had too… I went on eBay and bought one for about double the price it was selling in shops for! I hate that about RSD, the vultures that go in and buy to sell… HATE THAT!

But yeah I got stupid excited and posted aload of videos on my instagram getting carried away! Haha there still on there so pop n see for yourself eh haha!

So now I’m left with 2 other holy grails I desperately want in my over full kallax Ikea shelving. One of these is a real weird one as well so please believe me when I say I can’t get it anywhere and I know a lot of you will say ”discogs it’’ naaahh mate I’m the ash catchem of the vinyl world I want to score in the wild and be blown away when I finally find it!

Ok so the first one is ‘’Tennessee Ernie ford – sixteen tones the 1959 album and it has to be on original first pressing , you can get the repressed version but I want the original, so if anyone has this hit me up eh haha! The thing is its not really worth a lot at all , at most £5. But its a fantastic album and I want that original in my shelves ASAP!

The second one is a game soundtrack… very pricey , yet a epic soundtrack! Its the soundtrack to the 2014 game Skyrim. There not to many pressed and well obviously that effects the pricing … alot! Ha! I’ve seen one on eBay and I’m debating weather to just bite the bullet and hit buy now and live on super noodles all week… it won’t be the first time!

The best lp I own is a bloody good question not so much one record but a group of I think , I have my dads collection of beatles mono records and I hold those very dear. So yeah those. But ask me tomorrow and ill tell you different! Ahaha! Changes a lot

I recently saw Slowthai at Newcastle University, I saw that you have a signed record by him. Did you meet him?

Ok so this was a accident. Being a massive fan of the grime scene and UK rap I follow a lot of accounts that basically say the next big thing is… this guy. So I am very lucky I live nearly next door to one of the 4 Rough Trade shops and venues. I saw slowthai on a video and decided to get tickets and buy the package where u get his record and chance to get it signed after the gig. The gig was off the charts, crammed into a living room sized venue with blasting tunes and everyone just there for the same thing… music. Properly enjoyed it! And then I met the dude after and the first thing I noticed was his energy, he was just buzzing and smiling like a jackal. He mumbles a little bit so he’s a little hard to understand but I just said ‘’great gig’’ like a proper fan boy haha! Made myself cringe and he said he like my t-shirt, a Marilyn Manson one and he signed my lp and that was it. If your reading this and have never heard of him, his opportunity to deliver his message of a post Brexit Britain. A real gem this lad! Check him out!

Part deux of our interview is coming tomorrow.

Sean also has a podcast called Raised On Records available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify… new episodes are coming soon.

Sean’s Instagram: @fauxnottslp

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