An Interview With Trixie Blue

In this interview I talk to the international multi – award winning Trixie Blue all about Burlesque.

Bio: The International multi-award winning burlesque enchantress

Her repertoire showcases the beauty and debauchery of burlesques transgressive form; from fierce seduction in Trixie’s interpretation of Fran from the film Strictly Ballroom to her playful, sensual striptease acts. Not only this, Trixie is an established compère & show producer, hosting shows throughout the UK. Her academic prose, quick wit and terrible dating stories leaves audiences giggling in their boots.

How did you get into burlesque and how long have you been doing it?

Well folks, it all started when I was on a night out and a trip to the powder room was on the cards. Low and behold a poster for burlesque lessons featured on the back of one of the toilet doors. I subsequently got in touch with the amazing lady (Ellouise from Etrois) to sign my friend, mum and I up for lessons and the rest they say is history.  That was over a blooming decade ago! CRIKEY!

Do you ever get nervous performing?

Absolutely – it is one of the most nerve wracking, yet exhilarating activities ever. Nerves are perfectly normal and assist you in performing your little heart out.

Where is your favourite place to perform?

EVERYWHERE! I love performing and I will perform absolutely anywhere and everywhere haha! BUT there is one place that really has my heart. I simply love performing at Prohibition Cabaret Bar in Newcastle. It is my second home and I am so humbled to produce their burlesque shows each month and give back to my North East home.  

When did you start teaching burlesque and how’s it all going?

Teaching is my life! It is what I have always wanted to do (that and perform). I have been teaching for donkeys years, even have a PGCE to teach/lecture in the performing arts arena… and English but ssshhh, oh and I taught a GCSE Maths lesson once – needless to say that scarred me for life hahah.

I have had the privilege to teach burlesque since 2012 and it is the foundations of my business House of Trixie Blue. It is going really well thanks for asking and I cannot wait to unleash more opportunities for the HOTB students in 2020.

You were on an episode of Geordie Shore teaching burlesque, how did that happen and what was it like?

Hahah well, rather than me telling ya, why don’t you watch the episode and find out peeps?

Season 18 Episode 6

A big thank you for interviewing me David. All the very best for 2020.

Instagram: @trixieburlesque

Best Dance Teacher of the year awarded to House of Trixie Blue – Hen and Stag Awards 2019.

Trixie Blue Awards:
Queen of Neo Burlesque 2018 – Croatian Burlesque & Cabaret Festival
Bohemian Princess 2017 – Bohemian Burlesque Festival
1st Runner up British Crown 2016 – World Burlesque Games
Best Established Performer June 2015 – Big Burlesque Showdown
Pin up Teaser 2015 – Tea Time Tassel Off
Solo Burlesque Performer of the Year 2014 – Teaser Awards
Pin up Teaser 2014 – Tea Time Tassel Off

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