Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The Story

Actor Rick Dalton gained fame and fortune by staring in a 1950’s television Western’s, but is now struggling to find meaningful work in a Hollywood he doesn’t recognise anymore. He spends most of his time drinking and palling around with Cliff Booth, his easygoing best friend and longtime stunt double. Rick also happens to live next door to Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate whose futures will forever be altered by members of the Manson Family.

The Good

As it’s a Quentin Tarantino movie staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt you can expect this movie to be amazing and it didn’t disappoint. The movie takes place at the end of the 1960’s all about Rick Daltons struggling Hollywood career and his stunt double Cliff Booth. You get some great scenes between Rick and Cliff. Brad Pitt steals the movie for me as the easy going stunt double with a shady past. The movie also has the story of Sharon Tate and the Manson Family going on at the same time. There’s only two scenes of Charles Manson in the movie and if you know about the Manson Murders you’re waiting for all the chaos to come at the end of the movie. Chaos does come at the end of the movie but not the way it happened, you get a different ending in a Tarantino way just like in Inglorious Basterds. The end is amazing and really brutal, it blew me away. The acting, cinematography and music is amazing. It’s really funny at times and Cliffs dog is a dog everyone could do with in your life.

The Bad

It’s not the best Tarintino movie ever made, but you still get the Tarantino style and movie telling here. It’s a little slow to begin with, Margot Robbie isn’t in it much and there’s not much of the Manson family either. It’s more about Rick Daltons story than a Manson Family story. One thing I didn’t like was the portrayal of Bruce Lee in the movie, as a fan of his I can’t see him behaving like that in the movie, but the fight is pretty cool.

The Verdict

I really enjoyed the movie, Leo and Brad Pitt are amazing, it’s funny and brutal in the end. It’s one of my contenders for movie of the year.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five stars

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