An Interview With Rick Taylor Part Deux

Rick Taylor is back for Part Deux of our interview. We talk Breaking Bad, music and movies.

How was the Breaking Bad weekend with Celerah? You got some good photos from it.

Breaking Bad shoot was with Celerah was a blast. She’s a very sweet, lovely woman. We had to punt the original idea. We were going to Walter White’s house, but my daughter and I got to the meeting spot early so we drove over to see if the crazy lady that owns it was already in her garage sitting there and she was even though it was early Sunday morning, but the worst part was she painted the house and put up a 6 foot Iron Wrought fence around it. It doesn’t look the same at all, but it worked out great and Celerah was game for anything. After all she wore the ugly yellow suit. We’ll do more. It was the first time we’d met. We always thought we’d bump into each other somewhere. Next one will probably be in a bar.

Who’s in your top five of favourite bands?

Wow that’s hard I’ll leave somebody out, but Bruce, Bruce and more Bruce. The Beatles, Stones, Clash and Foo’s. See that leaves out Neil and Pearl Jam out.  I think Live is the true test and I’ve seen a ton and no question the E Street Band.  Some of those guys have been with Bruce since they were 16 like Stevie. The Stones in 75,78 and really in 81 were hard to beat.  The Foo’s and Pearl Jam have that too – they both took a page outta Bruce’s book. Maybe that’s why Grohl and Vedder are good friends with Bruce. Talking Heads were amazing live – bigtime favorite of mine. Aerosmith and J Geils in the 70’s and then 80’s incredible. When Dire Straits and Clapton did the tour together and played each others songs – the best. They egg each other on. Like Clarence died and he was Bruce’s muse on stage, so when Tom Morello toured with Bruce he was the muse and having 4 incredible guitarist on stage it just soared.  I better stop or I’ll write a book.

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time who would it be and why?

Don’t even have to have dinner. I’d be extremely happy to have a shot or a beer with Bruce in his barn at the bar in it.  Don’t even have to talk, though it’d be great to ask him about the old shows and if he remembers some of those smaller arenas, but if he wants to invite his buddies like Grohl, Vedder, Joel, McCartney and some of the other’s even better. Why Bruce? Because no matter what I’m doing he pumps me up and makes me happy.

Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

Another hard question.  I’ll give you a guilty pleasure first.  I’ve watched Survivor since the beginning and I’ve always thought I could win.  American Ninja Warrior is another, but I’ve been to a couple Ninja gyms and I can’t beat any of them. They are super human. Breaking Bad was great. I liked Gotham, my daughter and I watch it together whenever she’s over. It’s done now. Glow, Ms Maisel, for some reason I’m very into Man In High Castle.  

Movies I’m a total geek. The early Batman’s and then the middle Dark Knight’s series were some of the best.  Avengers and Captain America. I’ve been a fan of Cap since I was a kid and have tried to live up to that and of course I’ve failed a lot. Star Wars good or bad I like them. Shoot I liked Lord of The Rings.  Joker recently. I used to always say Citizen Kane and Casablanca were my favorites, but I’ll tell you Spielberg with Jaws laid a blueprint for what was to come. All the Raiders movies follow that formula.  MGodfather I and II. Really all of Tarintino’s movies. Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction are my favorites.  

Music – I’ll tell you Sturgill is about ready to tear it up and bring Outlaw music with him.  Kacey Musgraves is floating right now – hard to have a better two years than her. My prediction on who will be the next to go big is Maggie Rogers. She has incredible talent and potential. As soon as she’s extremely confident, she’ll pull a Kacey -maybe bigger. I’ll end with a funny one. I’ve never paid that much attention to Taylor Swift but this past year she really impressed me for fighting back, political stances and her performances on SNL got me on board. I like Gaga too, but there isn’t enough rock right now, so give me a good Bruce or Foo’s concert anytime.

Have a great Christmas and Holiday David and everyone. Thanks for the interview.


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