The Story Of Vette

In my interviews with Steve Guadiz we talked about his band Vette and now here’s the story of the band.

The band was the vision of my singer Dawn Demone and their producer Wade Haynes. They met at a music college and moved to L.A. to chase “the dream.” They wrote all the songs and began recording the debut album Heartbreak 101. 

Steve: “I met them at a tiny music shop where Wade noticed I was playing my pink guitar. He asked if I was into 80’s music and I said “Hmm… Interesting you ask.” Haha.”

“He let me hear some of the material they were working on and I immediately loved it.”

“I joined the band shortly thereafter and completed the guitar parts on the recording. We self-released the album in 2008.”

“We recorded the video for our song “Balloon” in a racquetball court! Hey, we were low budget but our producer Wade took it on himself to edit the video and made it look really good!”

“The opportunity to have our songs included in the MTV cartoon Good Vibes really just came about through a friend Dawn had who liked the music and passed it on to the producer of the cartoon who thankfully liked it as well. He came up with the idea of actually having our likeness depicted on the show which, of course, totally excited us!”

Vette played various local clubs in Los Angeles including The Whisky A Go Go, The Roxy, and The Viper Room from 2008 to 2016.

Vette developed a whole other set of songs that were are more ambitious and classic rock oriented than Heartbreak 101. They have a few of them recorded and are SLOWLY working on the next few, hopefully to be done by next year.

Vette – Ballon

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