An Interview With diggin_n_pickin Part Deux

Steve Guadiz aka diggin_n_pickin is back for another interview, so here’s part deux.

In An Interview With diggin_n_pickin part one we talked about his love of music, vinyl and his band Vette. I felt there was a lot of info in part one and thought there was still more to talk about so he’s back for more.

In the last interview you said your record collection is up to 750. What sort of genres is in the collection and what are your favourite records in the collection?

The large majority of my collection is rock from 60s to 80s, mostly what’s now known as classic rock from hard rock, to pop rock, to folk, to metal. I own the complete studio album discographies of Queen,The Beatles, and Cat Stevens. I’m getting there with The Monkees and Linda Ronstadt. 

I have a soft spot for 80’s hair metal as that was what I was into during my formative years watching MTV in the late 80’s. 

It’s a blast joining in on my Instagram buddy @stevedestruct‘s #hairmetalmonday

#hairmetalmonday where a bunch of us share a hair metal album.

If you want to check my out my “favourites” look up my post on my Top 10! 

As far as other genres, I have a decent amount of soul and musical theater and a smattering of blues, jazz, and country albums as well. I only own one hip hop album and that’s Dr. Dre’s The Chronic.

What is on your vinyl list of wants, your holy grail if you will?

Currently I’m on the hunt for a US or European pressing of Van Halen’s “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.” It was one of those albums pressed right before vinyl production dropped dramatically in the US in the early 90’s. I know I can find one on eBay or Discogs, but as many diggers know, there’s such a thrill about the prospect of finding it out in the wild.

You live in Los Angeles they must be some awesome record shops there, where’s your go to record shops?

Oh there’s so many! I feel fortunate to have so many options nearby. I gotta believe there’s an advantage to living in L.A. which was the heart of the music industry back in its peak days. Shop owners frequently get some good stuff that’s been in storage from local people who were in the industry. 

Some of my favorite shops include Glass House in Pomona, Mono Records in Glendale, Permanent Records in Highland Park, Sanford’s Vintage in Pico Rivera, Lovell’s in Whittier, and Record Jungle in Montebello. Yup, I dig A LOT.

You have quite the following on Instagram, how are you finding it all?

Oh, my following is quite humble compared to many others, but I’m grateful for who is following and I’m enjoying the connection with the people I interact with regularly. I appreciate that more than chasing having ‘x’ number of followers.  I’ve “met” some wonderful people whom I consider friends and hope to meet in person some day. 

Whether or not it’s because like-minds attract each other naturally, but I’ve found the Instagram Vinyl Community to be one of the most positive social media environments I’ve encountered. I’ve been part of other Facebook groups and online forums which often tend to turn snarky.

I like your videos of you playing guitar like the Crazy Train one, how do you come up with the ideas and do you find it helps your Instagram more?

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that David. The Crazy Train video idea came about during the “Comedy Vinyl Challenge” a couple months ago where the theme of the day was to choose a live album. Ozzy Osbourne’s “Tribute” is one of my favorites and I just had the silly idea of incorporating my kids’ old Thomas The Train toy in it. 

Sometimes it’s the theme from a challenge that sparks the idea, other times it’s just a song that I love playing.

Does it help? Who knows? Haha.  I just think it’s something unique that shows my personality and allows me to pay homage to some of my favorite music. I’m glad if anyone finds it entertaining at all and I’m grateful for the positive feedback I’ve gotten on them.

You’ve been in a couple of bands and recorded music. Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to learn guitar and starting a band?

I’ve heard many people say “I’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar” and I say just go for it! 

It’s one of the easiest instruments to get going playing through an entire song. Many of our favorite songs in popular music can be played with the same three chords!

 I will paraphrase something I’ve heard one of the great guitarists of our time, Steve Vai, say. As humans, music is our birthright. Whether our goal is just to strum along with your favorite folk tune, or if you want to be the next great internationally recognized virtuoso on the instrument, it is in our DNA to be play music and we should all do it!


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