An Interview With Dan McKie

In this interview I talk to Dan McKie all about his life as a DJ. Dan is from Hebburn, England, he’s a DJ playing all around the world and is now based in Barcelona.

How did you get into DJ’ing?

I was a glass collector at my local bar Martha’s Vineyard, In Hebburn and one Sunday the DJ went off early to another bar and I finished off for him. This slowly became a recurring event and I eventually finished the Sunday’s and took over the Friday nights, then Saturday’s and eventually the Sundays. Then other bars followed and I was a professional DJ.

I remember seeing you DJ’ing in Hebburn our hometown, from that to the big stage. How has that journey been?

Hard work, still is. I’m still glad I did the Hebburn DJ’ing as I learned how to read a crowd. Some DJ’s that get out there these days still can’t read a crowd.

What has been the highlight of it all so far?

DJ’ing abroad in Las Vegas, Greece, Germany, Ibiza, Andorra, Spain and more. I love DJ’ing and love traveling.

Where have you played and where’s your favourite place to DJ?

I love playing in Andorra, as I have so many nice friends there. So much so I go once a month across the ski season to play El Moli’s. I loved playing on a beach in Chania in Greece, that was super cool.

You have a record label now don’t you? How’s it all going?

I have 3 but 2 main ones. 1980 Recordings is my main one for putting out talent across the Spectrum of House & Techno. Then my new label is 33 Music is about my own productions and music I want to put my own spin on. On 33 Music we also have some amazing producers releasing of which I have been a fan of for years, we have These Machines (Steve Mac), Bushwacka, Lucha M & Betoko currently on remix duties for me.

You’re based in Barcelona now, was it for work and personal choice?

I am based in Barcelona, London, Ibiza, Andorra so share my time between these places. I love it in Barcelona. I have a Catalan daughter and girlfriend in Barcelona now.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Barcelona?

The lifestyle and the sunshine. The food, it’s great and not as expensive as London. Oh and my little family. (Obvs ha)

Obviously yeah (laughing.) Any advice for someone starting out or wanting to get into DJ’ing?

Learn your music, focus on what music you listen too. I play the spectrum of Disco, House & Techno as I love and make all of this style of music. Be prepared to do some free DJ’ing too, it sometimes opens up doors just be wise to it and don’t let promoters/bookers take the piss.

Dan’s Social and Website


Instagram: @danmckiedj

Facebook: DJ Dan McKie


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