Slowthai, Pints And A Burger

On Sunday I went to see Slowthai Bet Ya A £5er Tour, as you can guess from the name the tickets are £5.

For those that don’t know Slowthai is an English rapper from Northampton. He rose to popularity in 2019 for his notoriously gritty and rough instrumentals and raw, politically charged lyrics, especially around Brexit. Slowthai’s debut studio album, Nothing Great About Britain (2019), was nominated for the Mercury Prize. He performed at the 2019 Mercury Prize ceremony, where he controversially held a fake severed head of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson on stage.

I went to the gig with my friend Curtis Charlton who I did a recent An Interview With. Curtis had a free ticket so I said I’d go with him. We met up for a few pints, burger and catch up before hand.

The venue is built in the basement of Newcastle University, it’s a small venue and because it’s built in the basement there’s some pillars which take up space and can block views of the stage if you get stuck behind them. Other than that the bar is big and it’s better for a smaller more intimate gig.

The gig kicked off with a smell of weed in the air and Slowthai performed his songs from Nothing Great About Britain. He performed with passion, energy and the crowd got into it.

We enjoyed the show and I’d definitely go see him again.

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