An Interview With vinyl_gurl

In this interview I talk to vinyl_gurl all about music, Instagram and her photoshop skills. Victoria lives in British Columbia, Canada, she’s 20 years old and is a huge music buff. She has 40,000 songs in her iTunes library and is starting to bring her collection to vinyl.

How long have you been collecting vinyl?

I had a few records when I was younger as a kid. Though I didn’t know the first thing about keeping them in good condition. So I wouldn’t count that I suppose. So I have been collecting (Seriously) for a little less than a year. And it has quickly become my main interest. I’m addicted. “Hi, my name is Victoria, and I am addicted to collecting records.” That’s the first step right?!?

Why did you decide to start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I had been following a number of accounts in the vinyl comunity and wanted to show off some of my collection. I’ve always been passionate about music and the stories behind the albums. Also My boyfriend is into photography and I figured it would be a good idea to mix the two. And slowly it has just grown into me putting myself into the some of the album covers. It’s been a lot of fun!

How many records do you have in your collection and what is on your wish list?

Oh my gosh! Well, as of today I have 592 albums. But tomorrow might be a different story.

Some of your photos are amazing, photoshop skills on point. I like The Beatles one you did with Jamie Lennon who I just did an Interview with, vinyl alley and vinyl geek. How do you come up with your ideas and create them?

First and foremost I want to showcase great albums in my pictures and the back story behind them in my write up. Most Albums that are considered “Great” often have an even better story. So I’m always looking for great albums to show off and hopefully introduce people to an artist or album that they haven’t heard before. Or perhaps even a genre that they have normally shied away from. I think that great music knows no genre. In the case of the Beatles album, I wanted to pay tribute to the cover while also working with the ladies of the Vinyl comunity. This is a very male dominated “Hobby” and the girls in this comunity are killing it! Both with their knowledge of the music and their diverse tastes. So this mashup was a great combination of everything. The rest is just lighting, photography work and a little Photoshop magic!

The vinyl community on Instagram is amazing, I’ve talked to so many to so many different people from all over the world talking about music. You have a good following, what do you like about it and how are you finding it all?

It is exactly that a “community!” And I hope that with my collaborations and working with other accounts we can keep it growing. I find that lots of people in some social media circles are very possessive of their accounts and followers as if it is a finite resource. I want this community to be exactly that, “A comunity” something where people can come and share their love of music and vinyl without fear being rejected or teased. We should be helping each other, connecting on our shared passions. And I have found this community to be incredibly welcoming and all of the above.

Whats your favourite gig and why?

My most favourite gig…. hmmmmm just because I’m Canadian I want to say Nickel Back (even though they do put on a good show, not going to lie) But I would have to say it was another lesser know Canadian Band “The Tea Party” it was AMAZING!They can all play like 4 Instruments and are insanely talented.

If you have dinner with any musician from any time, who would it be and why?

Jimi Hendrix. He just seemed like such a cool guy. Crazy talented. But also down to earth. I just feel like him and I would get along.

Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

I’m probably more of a movie buff than I am a music buff. I love, love, love the classics! I have met so many people that don’t like black and white films, but those films were made when the producers couldn’t rely on special-effects to entertain a crowd. They needed it to be carried by a good story and quality acting. So for movies I would say: Some like it hot, It’s A Wonderful Life, Citizen Kane and Seven Samurai. For the colour ones: Midnight Run, Ben Hur, Rounders and of course my all time favourite The princess Bride!

Tv shows: Fraser, Battlestar Galactica, Pinky and the Brain! Lol Games of thrones (except the last season) Breaking bad (Of course) and Boardwalk Empire.

Music- that’s tough I love so much. Again I can’t stress enough the importance of seeking music outside your regular genre. Just jump on the computer and search “Greatest jazz of all time” and listen to the top 10 albums. Do the same for everything else, Rock, classical, country, HIP HOP AND RAP! Then search for “Greatest artists from (insert country here). Expand your knowledge. You will only be the better for it.

Victoria’s Instagram: @vinyl_gurl

Victoria’s website:

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