WCPW/Defiant Wrestling

I went to my first WCPW show back in 2016, it felt like a big wrestling show. It had former WWE wrestlers there like Matt Hardy, Bubba Ray, John Morrison, Del Rio and Drew Galloway aka Drew McIntyre who is back with WWE now. It also had a host of British indie wrestlers there, some of who are in NXT or NXT UK now like Moustache Moutain, Primate etc.

The show was recorded for their YouTube channel and was split into two parts. It was held at the O2 Academy in Newcastle and there was a good crowd there. The crowd were into it and there was some good chats going one of which was obese directed at Bubba Ray who was facing Matt Hardy, who of course in his broken gimmick chants delete. It was Harsh but funny at the same time. This was one of my favourite wrestling shows I’ve been too and enjoyed it a lot.

WCPW was around for three years and had a lot of star power on their shows some of which I’ve already mentioned. Others who appeared were Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. As well as the big name wrestlers there was also a lot of British wrestlers like Kirby and Will Osprey who have gone on to be big names in the world of wrestling. The WCPW YouTube show had a lot of subscribers and views. It was doing well but there was some issues in WCPW and some of their hosts left and set up a new YouTube channel Cultaholic. WCPW changed their name to Defiant and some of the big names left the indie scene to go back to WWE on the main roster or to NXT. WWE also came into the UK market with NXT UK and contracted wrestlers to their show and couldn’t appear for other UK promotions. So that didn’t help a lot of promotions out there trying to compete and stay alive in the current wrestling scene in the UK.

It’s a shame it’s closed it’s doors now, it was good for the wrestling scene in Newcastle and the UK.

They’ve put together a video of some of the highlights of WCPW/Defiant Wrestling. Click the link to watch Outro

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