An Interview With Curtis Charlton

In this interview I talked to Curtis Charlton, who I’ve known for a few years now from when we used to work together. We talk music, gigs and Post Malone.

How many gigs have you been to this year?

I’ve been to 36 gigs and 2 festivals this year.

What was you favourite one?

My favourite one I’d have to say would be Post Malone at the O2 arena, funnily enough my Mam won 2x tickets in one of the VIP boxes with unlimited drinks.

Nice, how many times have you seen Post Malone now?

7 times.

Who does the Post Malone tattoos on your face for the gigs?

My girlfriend Kate does them, well there temporary face tattoos. I have to buy them from the USA each time.

You also have a portrait of him too don’t you?

Yeah on my forearm, I got it done October last year.

Why Did you decide to get it?

I have always wanted a tattoo that means a lot to, Austin (Post Malone) has helped me a lot in my personal life, his music has been very relatable to my adult life.

What did you think when he nodded at you, while passing you in the crowd?

I couldn’t believe it, I’d spoken to his friends and family a lot. They’ve shown him my tattoo and who I am so I assume he nodded at me to acknowledge who I am (I hope)

I keep seeing on your Facebook and Instagram you manage to meet a lot of celebrities. Any good stories about meeting them?

Yes I met Louis Theroux recently, he stopped me and said “Can I just day you look like Post Malone.” The conversation continued from there, he was telling me he recently hung out with Austin and got to listen to his album at a listening party before it was released.

So I’m not the only one who thinks you look like him?

Haha no I get that a lot.

I had a funny moment at a gig when I went to see The Streets at the O2 Academy in Newcastle. A girl threw her bra at Mike, he picked it up and threw it into the crowd and I caught it. This girl next to me says good catch are you going to keep that though? I said no and threw it back and literally just after that another girl threw her bra on stage.

I haven’t been to a gig where someone threw a bra in years.

Any recommendations on movie, tv shows or music?

I have just recently watched The Informer, I highly recommend it. Oh and Hollywood’s Bleeding’s a decent album.

Curtis’s Instagram: @curt.jpg

Curtis’s Twitter: @Curtis1192

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