Delete Those Dating Apps And Be Free

It’s time to say goodbye to all those dating apps on your phone. Unless your trying to regularly hook up with random strangers if you even do, dating apps are a waste of your time and energy. If your looking to date someone more seriously, then listen up you need to make all those dating apps shake in fear on your phone and then delete them all. Tinder, Bumble and definitely POF put them all in the trash. Dating apps are ruining your life , your dating life anyway.

Dating In The Modern World

Dating in the modern world is difficult enough without adding all these dating apps. I never thought I would go on a dating site or app, but I became single after a long term relationship and Tinder took off as the thing to do when single. So I gave Tinder ago and I had some success on it. I had some dates but nothing serious. I’ve also been on POF and to be honest it’s the worst! On Tinder you can only match with people you like but POF is a free for all, anyone and everyone can message you. So dating apps aren’t for everyone and to be honest the last few dates I’ve been on have come out of meeting girls in the real world.

You’re Wasting Your Time

The thing about these apps is it’s actually a waste of your time. You spend all this time looking to match and talk to someone half the time you don’t even meet them. Truth is you would drop all the people you’re messaging if you actually met someone in the real world. You’re wasting your time messaging people, struggling to hold a decent conversation with them, that you wouldn’t think twice about dropping all them if the girl you like breaks up with her douche boyfriend or you meet someone on a night out. You could be spending your time on yourself like going to the gym, doing something you’ve always wanted to do or going out with friends. You’ve probably got more chance of actually meeting someone by being out in the real world.

No One I Know Enjoys These Apps

These apps sound fun and you hear some funny stories about them, I have some myself but let’s not get into that, the truth is there not fun. No one I know enjoys being on them. Some people tolerate being on them to see what all the fuss is about it. After a while of being on them and meeting no one decent the charm soon wears of on them. You think why am I bothering? Even people I know who you think would clean up on these sorts of sights get sick of the whole game too and don’t actually have as much luck as you’d think.

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